Delayed, but still on the way

Well, here we are, still in Seattle.

Upon arriving at the airport 4 hours before our 6:35 PM flight from Seattle to London yesterday, we were informed that the plane was delayed until 10:30 PM due to some nasty snow and ice in London. With only a 3 hour layover in London before our connection to Accra and a 4 hour delay, this meant Lauren and I would miss our original flight to Accra, spend the night in London, and wait for a plane to Ghana the next day.

By 9:00 PM we learned that the entire flight to London was cancelled (cue Sara cursing loudly) because “the pilot was sick,” although Lauren and I believe it was just delayed further due to the weather. This meant, however, that British Airways could offer us a free hotel room for the night in Seattle, and so we enjoyed a lovely evening at the Double Tree last night, complete with free dinner, breakfast, and shuttle bus. Not as fun as spending a night in London, but it didn’t put us back anymore and we’re still on track to arrive in Ghana only 1 day behind schedule.

We are now back in the airport waiting at the gate for our 1:45 PM flight to London, which gives us a comfortable 7.5 hour layover before our flight to Accra. Assuming nothing else crazy happens, we’ll be in the air and on our way soon… finally.


3 thoughts on “Delayed, but still on the way

  1. Oh…………..a trip of a lifetime. What I wouldn’t give to be young again. Stay safe; I’m praying for you. (Don’t tell your mom, but I’d probably be saying some reallllllllllllllly naughty words too!:-)

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