Here I come, Hope Community Orphanage!

I’ve just been given my internship assignment doing social work at Hope Community Orphanage. I’m not sure what “social work” will entail, but it sounds like what I want to do! I hope I have what it takes to work with these kids. I’ll start next week and work 8 hours per week. I am so excited!


6 thoughts on “Here I come, Hope Community Orphanage!

  1. Hi, Sara! It sounds like you’re adjusting well to a whole new world in Ghana. I’m looking forward to following your blog. Your mom is hanging in there and just sent a pic of your super cute new beau. I’m sure time will fly and before you know it, this will be an amazing experience to look back on. I’m thinking of you!

  2. You most definitely have what it takes to work with any kids! It will be tough – that’s a given. But what hard thing doesn’t shore us up with compassion, and strengthen us for some future experience? Your gentle ways will be so soothing. Just be yourself!!

  3. You should be excited! You have a wonderful world of children ready to be loved awaiting you. I hope you are starting to get settled in and pray that you find everything you need to learn. Love you!

  4. Hi there Sweetie!! Here I am still trying to get through to you. Sure hope this works this time. Who knows?? Anyway it is Sunday, January 17, 2010 and it is 12:10 pm here is Oklahoma, U.S.A. Anyway I just thought I would try again to say “HI” to you and sure hope it goes through.
    Love Ya,
    Aunt Dana

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