Computer on the mend – pictures coming soon

I have now found out that my computer will be repaired in three weeks. For those of you requesting pictures, don’t worry, I’m taking them, but won’t be able to upload them until I have my computer back. They’re on the way!


5 thoughts on “Computer on the mend – pictures coming soon

  1. Jiminy Cricket!! ,,,or should I say Jiminy Cockroach?? Wow. I’m loving walking a mile in your Ghanian shoes through these great posts, but when it comes to stealth roaches that drop from who-knows-where in the middle of the night? Eewwwwwww! I’m A-OK with my currently non-adventurous life in Pullman! But I am, however, massively impressed with your nonchalance over the whole bug serial killer label you now wear… :<) Miss you a ton and a half! Will love the photos whenever they come!

  2. Wow Sara! I have really been enjoying your entries! It sounds as though you are having adventures galore over there!
    I’m keeping you in my prayers hun! šŸ™‚

  3. Sound “Okie Dokie” with us. We are very excited for you and we love to read all the neat messages. It sounds like you are really learning how they live there too. YEAH!! Anyway, don’t forget, we are always praying for you and your safety. We will get that much more excited for you when we see your pictures. Hugs & Kisses!!
    Aunt Dana & Grandma

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