Job assignment(s) at Hope Community Orphanage

Today I went to determine the location and meet the manager of Hope Community Orphanage. I had to take two trotros to get there, but it’ll be cheap travel.

While there, I met Pastor Ashley, the head of the orphanage, and learned that I will be:

1. Teaching/coaching kids in English, math, and computer skills before/after school (sometimes school is in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon),

2. Taking them on trips on the weekends and planning activities to help boost their self-image, show them they matter, etc,

3. Collecting clothing and mosquito nets from the other CIEE students to donate at the end of the semester (we won’t need them anymore), AND

4. Working on a project with the Ghanaian social services branch of the government to get 14 of the kids in the national health care system.

The way it was explained to me, when the health care system was set up, they didn’t consider the orphans in Ghana, because to get on the program your parents have to register you, and these kids don’t have parents. I guess some of the kids have been registered to have the government pay for their healthcare, but each registration only lasts one year and then they have to renew it, and it’s a very long and tedious process. The government recently changed the system so that you don’t have to renew it every year, and so we’ll be trying to get these 14 kids on the long-term plan. Courtney (the other CIEE student working with me at the orphanage) and I will be getting official letters from the Aya Center (through which this internship is coordinated) and Hope Community Orphanage telling the Ghanaian government that we’re registering these kids as a project we’re undertaking as foreign students, and apparently that will be the ticket to getting through the government red tape and actually getting this done. If the orphanage were to try to tackle this by themselves Pastor Ashley says they’d never get through, but since Courtney and I are undertaking it, we’re hoping to complete the process by the end of the semester. Courtney and I will meet with the pastor on Friday to finalize details and figure out a schedule, and then we’ll be on our way next week.

I think it’s going to be a busy semester after all.


7 thoughts on “Job assignment(s) at Hope Community Orphanage

  1. Wow! …a ton of responsibility! If anyone can do it, you can! This is where you put your assertive shoes on and do what’s right for these kiddos! I love you Sara Mae!

  2. Sara,
    What an adventure. I have a relative that is a missionary in Rhuwanda. He is my late stepdads son….Jim Stillman and his wife Barbara have been going there for about the last 20 or so years. My folks took a trip there many years ago and helped Jim build a barn and workshop. I remember my mom saying in her letters that she could hardly stand the heat and humidity.
    How is the weather where you are?
    I just finished reading alll your blogs and am looking forward to more of your adventure.

  3. Hey, Sara! What an amazing adventure you are having!. We are SO proud of you! Sounds like lots of red tape at the orphanage, like everywhere. I hope you have alot of contact with the kids instead of just paperwork. If anyone can make a person feel good about themselves, it would be you. What ages are the kids there and how many are there? I can just see you with some of those little ones. We’re having a mild winter; “they” say it probably is going to be the mildest January ever. Fine by me; I just want the snow in the mountains, not in town! Bill and I walk every day on the Riverfront Trail and it’s so beautiful down there. Alot colder than where you are tho’. I’m mailing a package to you today; it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to get there. We continue to keep you in our prayers, dear Sara. “Grandpa” Bill and I both send our love.

  4. I loved reading this last post, and seeing the words and details, but being blasted with the Big Picture – 14 orphaned children and young adults with the ability to have their basic health care needs met, precisely because you and Courtney are in the country at this time. All things are working together for good! I wonder what will come of these lives, possibly saved by your actions, in the future? What an intriguing question! Just finished up with yet another LSF – Lutherhaven & NLOMA night. I miss your smiling face and calm ways. I also miss standing in the closet, listening to you play the piano! :<)

  5. I love reading your posts! You are so funny and positive about all of your experiences. Sounds like you will be very busy, and what a difference you will make in the lives of these children!

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