A bucket and a flashlight

Last night, I took the first bath of my life with only a bucket and a flashlight. I shower with a bucket everyday, as there is no actual shower in my house, so that’s no big deal. However the power was out yesterday, so when the sun set at 6:00 PM I got to take my evening bath with my battery-powered “light stick” and my bucket of water. I love Africa! I truly, truly do.


6 thoughts on “A bucket and a flashlight

  1. Hi Sara,
    Sam thinks the “Bucket and Glow stick shower” sounds like fun. I have to go hide any buckets and glow sticks in the house now. Sounds like a great adventure you are on. How did you find the only place in the Universe without a Starbucks?
    The Williams

  2. Sitting in the new hot tub last, I felt a little guilty…watching the water feature and the lights changing colors…thinking about you and your “bucket and light.” Did the light change colors? Then I remembered you were at the beach, hopefully having the time of your life! I can’t wait to see pictures! I love you Sara Mae!

  3. It is difficult to imagine what you are going through. It will be great to see some pictures. As for the shower bucket – I think I am getting too old for that and the bugs – NOOOO THANKS!

    We send out love

  4. Hi Sara!! It is now Sunday, January 31, 2010 and it is 6:15 pm here in Oklahoma U.S.A. Just wanted to let you know that we are very proud of you for at least keeping clean. It isn’t so easy there to keep clean as it is here in America. Oh well, at least you make do with what you got. We are very proud of you for that. Have some more fun, Okay? Okay!! That is enough for now. Later Gater!!
    Aunt Dana & Grandma

  5. This sounds like the Africa that I also fell in love with (but my stay was so much shorter!) Reading your blog reminds me of Africa’s vibrancy. The states will seem so “sterile” when you come back. Love reading the stories! And I have a real African djembe you can borrow for your drumming performances!

    Susan 🙂

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