A hut on the beach

This weekend I took my first trip out of Accra and visited the ocean at Ado Foah, a little village where the Volta River meets the Atlantic. A group of us took a two-hour trotro ride from the capital to the village, and then took a motorized canoe ride on the river to a beach camp situated about a half-mile away from the estuary. On one side of us was the river, and then right on the other side was the ocean. It was absolutely beautiful, a white sandy beach with coconut trees, hammocks, and huts made of palm branches. We rented out a group huts for the equivilant of $5 per person per night, and I slept in a hut on the beach listening to the waves. It was paradise. The next day was spent riding the waves, walking to “the point,” where the river meets the sea, and getting very tan.

I had sand in everything when I came back, but it was completely worth it. I even ate my first sugarcane on the ride back, much to the delight of the children watching my struggles. You have to peel the stalk with your teeth, and it’s very difficult and sticky, and then you bite off chunks of sugarcane with your teeth and chew the juices out and spit it out. The lady next to me on the trotro almost fell out of her seat laughing at me and the other Americans attempting to eat the sweet stuff. I guess we were pretty good entertainment.


4 thoughts on “A hut on the beach

  1. Love to hear about your adventure to the beach and the sugar cane. Bill said he used to eat sugar cane when he was a kid in Texas. Am looking forward to seeing pictures of where you are staying and your “grandparents”. Love you, Mickey

  2. Really enjoy living your adventure through your words. Savor every minute of it for it will stay with you forever. Stay safe. I pray for you and your mission everyday. Maxine

  3. Sara!

    This makes me so happy! Sometimes there is nothing more calming that laying by the ocean. It is a feeling I already miss from Hawaii. =( Sugarcane, on the other hand, is always a fun challenge and I’m pretty sure I have only had it once! haha. Just thought I would let you know that you still continue to amaze me with your travels, and that I got your postcard in the mail yesterday!! I can’t wait until you have an address and I can write back to you!

    Honors misses you!
    ❤ Carly

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