The Return of the Roaches

I opened my wardrobe this morning when I woke up and a roach crawled out of my clothes. I killed it with my shoe, and the guts are still all over the floor. It wasn’t as fast as the others, probably because I used insecticide in my room on Friday and poisoned it unknowingly, but I think I’m getting better at killing them too. However my false sense of security has shattered; I had thought the devils had been eradicated. We battle on!


4 thoughts on “The Return of the Roaches

  1. Do these roaches fly, Sara? The ones in Japan flew, making killing them even more challenging. It’s funny what one has to “battle” in different environments. In Europe the propensity of cigarette smoke got to me; in Japan it was the roaches; in Hawaii the constant traffic grid-lock. I like the fact that you are keeping your sense of humor in spite of the roaches!

  2. We have some roaches here as well! You must teach me your ways so that I might become the cockroach hunter of Aussieland!
    Stay safe and be blessed! You’re in my thoughts and prayers constantly!

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