Classes at the University of Ghana are finally in full swing. I am taking three courses through my program with CIEE, and three through the University of Ghana directly.

My CIEE courses are as follows:

1. Twi language class (a seven-week long course that I’m now half done with)

2. Sociological Foundations for Development (a class on development in countries like Ghana)

3. Internship-for-credit at Hope Community Orphanage

My University of Ghana courses are as follows:

1. Issues in Africa’s International Relations (Political Science)

2. Colonialism and African Response (History)

3. African Drumming (Music)

My history and poli sci classes are lecture-style with about 75 people and 200 people in class, respectively. History goes very slowly, but poli sci almost goes too quickly, because we are expected to copy down the professor’s lecture verbatim. I’m anxious to have my laptop fixed so I can type out the notes instead of scribbling them down! African drumming is a practical class where we are learning the basics of the main African drums and their roles in traditional West African music. It is a class meant especially for foreign students, and there are about 25 of us in the class.

Twi meets three times per week, drumming meets twice per week, and every other class meets only once per week for two hours. I have a one-hour tutorial for history each week too, and a two-hour tutorial for poli sci, but we haven’t met for that one yet. I am still waiting for my readings to be compiled for history and poli sci as well, since the way they do it here is to make copies of the different relevant chapters of different books for the semester and sell them as workbooks. Sure saves money on textbooks!


4 thoughts on “Classes

  1. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is not to have your computer available for your classes. Is it like someplaces here where you have to get on them all the time or they just ignore you…you know, like “the squeeky wheel gets the grease”? Hope you get it soon as we are anxious to see some pictures. Miss you Sara but know you’re having a wonderful adventure! Love you. Mickey and Bill

  2. Will you teach me some basic African drumming when you get back? Whenever I hear it, I get SO jazzed – and would just love to know how to do it myself! :<)

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