I have a new sister!

I came home yesterday to find I have a new host sister at home. Carolyn is 18 years old, and would technically be my host second cousin, but who needs technicalities? She is staying with my host grandparents in the room next to mine until September, when she will begin her university education studying French. She has already been so nice and helped me wash and iron my clothes and work on my Twi homework. I am so happy to have another person to spend my time here with!


3 thoughts on “I have a new sister!

  1. Yeah for Carolyn and Sara also!! We are so glad you have somebody else to help you with things and to just chit chat with. You are getting luckier all the time Sare Bear. We heard you had a bit of some virus earlier, sure hope it is all gone now. We don’t like that nonsense. Anyway, sounds like things are going pretty much peachy keen for you. Keep it up Babe!!
    Aunt Dana & Grandma

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