Today I went with Courtney and Pastor Ashley, the director of Hope Community Orphanage, to the National Health Insurance Authority Office in Accra. There we met with one of the main guys in the health insurance office and explained to him the project that Courtney and I want to undertake: to register 15 orphans for lifetime health coverage by the time the semester ends. He gave us his full support, and told us where we could find the district office near the orphanage where we can begin the actual process with a social worker there. He says it will be faster and simpler to go through our district office than through the national one, but that we should write him a formal letter of introduction for our project so that if the district office isn’t on top of things, he can wave the letter at them and make them hurry it up. So, CIEE and the Aya Center are writing the letter this week, Pastor Ashley is tracking down the exact location of the district office, and Courtney and I are going to take the kids to get passport pictures  for their records. It feels so good to be productive!

The only thing is, we’re needing to raise about $150 to pay for the kids’ one-time premiums for the health care scheme. So if you’d like to help out and get a Ghanaian orphan lifetime health care coverage, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Hi Sara,
    I previously read some of your blog that your folks had printed. Today I got on your wordpress site and enjoyed reading of your adventures… wow! We pray for you regularly and will pray that you have success in the health care pursuit. Cheryl and I enjoyed the sweetheart dinner, yesterday, that your folks so ably prepared once again! May God’s blessings and protection continue to be with you!
    John Rolf

  2. Yes! I want to help a Ghanian orphan of your choice with their one-time premium! Just tell me how to do it. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the word-pictures of your of life there, and the candid descriptions of how you’re feeling. It helps with the praying! Stay safe… Hugs from Pullman!

    • Thanks for the offer! I’m thinking it will be best if all support gets sent to my parents and then they transfer it electronically to me here. I’ll post their address for everyone here soon.

      Also, you can count on drumming lessons when I get back!

      Much, much love!

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