“He already has a wife!”

Sara: (walking into roadside shop) “Good afternoon. How much for this bread?”

Man: “Fifty peshwas. Are you American?”

Sara: “Aane (yes).” *hands money to elderly lady who goes to get change*

Man: “Oh, you will marry me! You will be my wife.”

Sara: “Daabi, dabbi, dabbi (no no no). I cannot marry you.”

Man: “Yes you can, you will get me a visa.”

Sara: “I can’t get you a visa.”

Man: “Yes, you will!”

Sara: “No, I won’t.”

*Enter woman from behind shop counter, who has been listening to entire interaction while elderly woman gets Sara her change*

Woman: “You can’t marry him!”

Sara: “Don’t worry, I know, I won’t marry him.”

Woman: “He already has a wife! He’s married to me!”

Sara: “Okay, alright, I won’t marry him.”

Woman: “We have three children!!!”

Sara: “Okay, yes, well, bye bye now.” *takes bread and change and leaves*

Woman: “Okay, bye bye!” *smiling and waving*


Sara: (entering shop again, this time for water)

Woman: “Hello darling! How are you!”

Warmest, friendliest wife-who’s-husband-tried-to-marry-me, ever.


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