Basket-weaving lessons

Yes, it’s true. I have started taking basket-weaving lessons from a nice lady outside of campus, and I LOVE IT! My friend Brittney and I took a tro-tro to the bus stop the lady instructed us to over the phone, where we met her adorable son Dominick. He led us on a 10-minute walk through windy lanes and narrow alleys busy with people and animals, and we came out of the tangle to a fantastic view overlooking half of Accra in the afternoon sun, glimpsed through the rocky alley right before we entered the woman’s courtyard. It was straight out of National Geographic; I’ll have to bring my camera next time. Brittney happened to have her camera with her, and Dominick managed to capture a photo of the two of us surrounded by the dozen little girls that swarmed us and held our hands on the walk back to the station after our lesson. (I’ll be stealing a copy of it, don’t you worry.) Tomorrow I’ll be going back to continue work on my basket, which I am making in a lovely gold and green pattern. It’s so therapeutic to be doing something with my hands!

Update: As you can see, I have finished my first basket and documented the view of the neighborhood. My grandmother was so proud of my basket she kissed me.


2 thoughts on “Basket-weaving lessons

  1. Wow! How fun! You didn’t say anything about that this morning. I can’t wait to see the pictures. You need to start carrying your camera with your phone so you always have it with you. Sorry…I had to put the mom advice in there! I love you Sara!

  2. How beautiful! I love the beautiful basket. Are you going to be able to teach some of us how to make one? I hope…..??!?!?!?

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