Gizzard, liver, skin, heart, what is this new body part?

Here are a few food-related tidbits from the last week or so:

Last week, Grandpa hands me a kabob as I walk in the door from class. I can’t immediately identify the meat, but you never can here, so I just eat it. I am thoroughly enjoying my afternoon snack when Grandpa asks,

“So, do you like your gizzard on a stick?”

“Yes, Grandpa. Yes I do.”


Then, a couple of days ago, I meet Grandpa at a little pub named Jerry’s and he says he’ll buy me kabobs again. Usually they’re chicken or beef, and I even enjoyed the gizzard, so I’m not worried. Well, this time they’re liver. I gave it a good shot and finished it all, but man, liver just does not taste good. I was sick all night. No more kabobs from Grandpa.

As it turns out, they also serve cow skin in a lot of the soup here as a sort of delicacy, and I usually just give it to my host sister, who loves the stuff, or hide it under the rest of my food and pretend I ate it (I’ve tried, I really, really have, but I just can’t chew it!) The other day, the butcher forgot to shave the cow skin before he sold it to Grandma. So, I had hairy cow hide soup. It was just like biting into the side of a cow as it stands there, mooing at you. Try it sometime.

Finally, last night, as I was eating what I thought were bits of beef in my stew with rice, I came across what I’m pretty positive was a heart (it looked very similar to the cat heart I had to dissect in high school anatomy, but smaller.) I’m now guessing I was eating bush rabbit for dinner. Don’t worry though, I gave the heart to the cat.

On a somewhat related note, I learned at the orphanage that they don’t have a tooth fairy in Ghana. Instead, when a child loses a tooth, you throw it at the ceiling/on the roof, then play a drum and have the child dance around so that her/his new tooth will come. I like that much better than the tooth fairy, and I think that’s what my children will be doing when they lose their teeth.


One thought on “Gizzard, liver, skin, heart, what is this new body part?

  1. Sometimes it’s better to not know what we’re eating! …and the tooth fairy….what a great tradition and daddy thinks it’s a great way to save money! :o) Love you Sara!

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