Burkina, anyone?

I am in the midst of planning the most fantastic adventure through Burkina Faso with my dear friend Lauren. On the agenda so far: Sindou Peaks, Domes de Fabedougou, Karfiguela waterfalls, camel rides through the Sahel, camping under the stars in the sand dunes, canoe ride on a hippo lake, safari by moped through Nazinga Game Ranch (including elephants, warthogs, monkeys, and more) and visiting my lovely sponsor child, Tebnooma!


5 thoughts on “Burkina, anyone?

  1. My Dearest Sara…

    I look at your itenerary and wonder where you are right now. I hope that any encounter you’ve had with a warthog was a good one! …And the camels…do they stink?…do they spit?…one hump or two? I also hope that you’ve been able to stay cool enough. Know that I think about you often and pray that God is keeping you safe. Two weeks from now you will be back home and I’ll sit and listen for hours of the amazing journey you’ve been on. I love you my sweet Sara!

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