Day 9 – Rest up in Ouaga

Well, we needed a break to catch up from the trauma of the chicken slaughtering nightmare and the horrendously long Sogebaf bus ride back to the capital, and we found our oasis again at the S.I.L Guesthouse. God bless them all! We were supposed to leave for the north this morning, but they let us extend our stay by a day so we could stay the night.

The day was spent eating mangoes and baguettes, chatting (in French) with the locals down the street at our little café/restaurant where we found dinner, and purchasing headscarves for the north, since it is much more predominantly Muslim in that region. We also took our passports back to the sketchy office, where they were accepted and where they would be held overnight to be extended. I wasn’t too sure about this, but we got official looking receipts with our passport numbers on them, and I decided I would just fight like hell the next day if we didn’t get them back. What can you do? We couldn’t pick them up until 4:00 PM the following afternoon, so now we would be a day even further behind schedule. (We had originally planned on leaving for the north this morning, and then tomorrow morning when we realized we needed a break, and now would have to wait until the morning after that since we wouldn’t get our passports until late tomorrow.) Oh well! No complaining here. The less time in the northern desert, maybe the better.


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